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In the class, the 3 main reasons 
that cause a standstill that lasts
for months 
or even years will be analyzed and explained.
Some topics discussed:
1. Shoulder Mobility Test and Explanation of the Biggest Mistake
that does not allow you to improve it. 
IMG_5053 2.jpg
2. Do you really have to do the ''hollow'' in the handstand? Or do you have to coordinate the body differently?
3. In handstand do you squeeze your glutes to do pelvis retroversion?

This may be wrong
and you will find out why.
4. If you're training a handstand like this, with your face to the wall, you definitely need to correct it.
5. Lots of other insights to apply to your practice,
even if you already have the free handstand and want to correct it.
During the 30' class

some mistakes you make during practice will be analyzed

and you will learn fundamental notions with PRACTICAL tests and exercises that you can use right away!

What is l'OHA?

The Online Handstand Academy (OHA) is the first school specialized in the discipline of handbalancing and we help people undertake specific pathways to achieve free handstand or the advanced elements of handstand 
( handstand push ups, one arm handstand, press to handstand and much more).

We have helped HUNDREDS of students (with proven results that you can check on our website) to make their training more conscious, fully understanding their technique and enabling them to achieve free handstand or the advanced elements 

Below you can quickly see some of them 👇🏻

What do the students think about it

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